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Silverbucket Oy expands to Sweden

Media release.
Published: 06-Oct-2015 02:40 pm
Publisher: Silverbucket

Silverbucket is expanding its operations to Sweden with a local representative. Expansion is effective from September 2015. The goal is to first cover the Swedish economic area and later the whole Scandinavia.

The expansion is executed with a co-operative partnership and the activities have already been started.

“As the demand for our product is increasing also outside of Finland, we aim to serve our Scandinavian customers even better and closer.”, says Silverbucket CEO, Toni Uimonen.

Silverbucket’s customer base already includes several international companies operating both in Finland and in Scandinavia.

“Looking at market sizes, Sweden is remarkably larger than Finland. And for example companies operating in the fields of consulting, engineering and IT have pretty much the same ways of working and the same tool needs as their Finnish counterparts. This is an outstanding base for Silverbucket to expand into international markets.”, says Silverbucket’s Swedish representative, project business professional, Åsa Loid.


More information

Toni Uimonen, toni.uimonen@silverbucket.fi, +358 40 507 1004

Åsa Loid, asa.loid@silverbucket.se, +46 720 122 475


Silverbucket is a Finnish IT company, where project resourcing is taken seriously. The company’s main product is easy to use SaaS-based tool for project resourcing and follow-up. Silverbucket is headquartered in Tampere, Finland and their customer base includes significant Finnish and international companies. www.silverbucket.fi

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