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SHIPSU – web-service receives a favourable and positive response from visitors and new customers at Miami Cruise Shipping

Media release.
Published: 21-Mar-2013 08:30 am
Publisher: SHIPSU

Launched in 2012 SHIPSU is a web-based On-line service platform aiming at bringing together the diverse commerce fields of the global marine industry. SHIPSU provides a convenient mechanism for buyers and providers to trade in relevant shipbuilding materials, products and services and to connect easily in a mutually user friendly on-line commercial environment.
What makes the service special and unique is the user-friendly interface, which will be familiar for all users of internet social networking and trading platforms.
All products and materials used onboard a commercial vessel have to be verified and certified by classification which, bearing in mind the safety and reliability aspects, can offer challenges for buyers in the specialized cruise and passenger market.
Shipsu offers a clear, visual and easy to read product listing which presents products and service offerings in their best possible light enabling detailed information and certified references to assist shipyard, ship owner or mariner buyers in their purchasing requirements.

Helping providers to sell

Provider Profile is designed with companies in mind selling products and services for shipbuilding, ship renovations and repair. Providers are able to add specified details about their company, products and services such as text, video, pictures, certifications and references. Being easily accessible to a buyer, means that providers are contacted directly which means trouble free transactions and less time wasting non-value-adding operations.

Creating a tool for buyers

Buyer’s profile allows buyers to access and see marine industry’s products and services sold by verified providers of SHIPSU. The service makes buyer sourcing operations easier than ever and buyer response, feedback and more importantly, sign-up has been extremely positive.
An invitation to join the network was offered by all the major cruise ship operators and was targeted especially to providers from countries with long-term shipbuilding tradition, such as UK, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy and many more European countries where shipbuilding is a normal day-to-day business.

Global service with Finnish roots

SHIPSU is a one stop shop for marine industry and because it’s web-based both providers and buyers can access it from anywhere in the world through a web-browser!

Additional Information

Tom Baxter Tiffin
Tel: (0)207 1831815
M:  (0)7854763626

Mikko Varjanne
+358 (0)207 871 010


The service is being developed in Finland but is global solution a special industry. The company behind the service, received the “Growth in Sight” –award on the European day of the Entrepreneur, 6th June 2012. The company was awarded not only because of company's fast growth but also because company's operations has made it possible for other companies to go global as well. SHIPSU is the next service to be concentrated more into helping others.

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