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Media release.
Published: 14-Apr-2014 08:00 am
Publisher: IoLiving

Ceruus Ltd is a company that develops new mobile Internet services for facilitating everyday household tasks. The service, available in autumn 2014, carries the name Internet of Living and our first application enables web-based temperature control and energy efficiency optimisation. Thanks to our invention, a small device called the IoT Catcher® creates a secure web connection through your mobile phone while you are nearby.

The service offers a solution to a major challenge in the distribution and use of electricity. Room-specific heating can now be controlled so that energy savings can reach 15-25 % in a detached house with electric heating. Should customers have a spot agreement with their energy company, the savings can be substantially larger due to the service’s capability to automatically turn off heating during peak hours. A usable interface allows for complete heating control. 

With the service customers are able to measure their energy consumption and its constituents: how much energy their wash machine, heat pump, water-circulation heating or boiler use, for example.

Energy companies may also benefit from offering the Ceruus service to their customers. Electrically heated households make up a substantial potential for evening out peak loads in the supply grid. With help of our service and the consent of the customer, an energy company can, for example, turn off heating temporarily in agreed rooms. The company may actively guide its customers in matters of daily energy consumption by using an embedded micro messaging service.

Ceruus is also introducing a handy Internet-based temperature and moisture meter which can be placed to a number of places unobtrusively, and which allows monitoring the air temperature and moisture in the room.

There are typically several smartphones or tablets in a household. Our solution does not require separate wireless base stations, because the connection to the thermostat, temperature meter or energy consumption meter is established directly from the mobile device. Therefore the price of the service and related hardware is substantially lower in comparison to traditional wireless solutions.

For more information:
contact CEO Matti Verkasalo
+358 40 8215546
www.ioliving.com, Company: www.ceruus.com.



Ceruus Ltd. is a privately owned, Internet-application focused company that has successfully issued its shares once. The Finnish Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (Ely-keskus) and the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) support our R&D. We operate as part of the Tekes-coordinated “Witty City 2013-2017” programme. We are based in Oulu, Finland and currently employ nine people.


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