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Suomen Radonhallinta Oy

National RADON SAFETY DAY against lung cancer and child leukemia

Media release.
Published: 13-Oct-2015 09:30 am
Publisher: Suomen Radonhallinta Oy

Under the EU regulations, member states have a duty to prevent against the health risk caused by radiation from radon gas. RADON SAFETY DAY is organized across Europe on November 7 (European radon day). 

What is radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas, which is invisible, odorless and tasteless. In many Finnish households the radon gas concentration may be alarmingly high, causing peoples’ health to be at risk. Research by the Finnish Governmental authority for the Nuclear Industry has shown that radon gas is the cause of over 300 deaths by lung cancer annually in Finland. International research has concluded that there may be a relationship between radon gas and child leukemia. Prolonged exposure to radon is expensive for society to take care of and only creates suffering to friends and families of those whom are affected. Inside air radon is impossible to sense and it can only be detected by a simple radon examination. 

How do I find out my radon risk?

Accurate radon examinations are indeed very important and legally required by most schools, day care centers and other public places. Radon examinations for private houses are on a volunteered basis but highly recommended for every Finnish households. 


Radon safety day campaign offers 10000 radon measurement packages for -30% discount price. 

You can order special campaign priced radon measurement packages from www.radonturvapaiva.fi  


Finnish radon specialists campaigns 

For legally required radon measurements for schools, day care centers and work places, we offer a free radon specialist visit. For private houses with an approved measurement of over 1000 bq/m3 radon concentration, radon repair survey by radon specialist can be ordered for free. 

National radon dayis collaborative European project.

The participants of Radon day in Finland are Suomen radonhallinta, Pohjolan Radontutkimus, www.radontalkoot.fi and Radonway



More info by: Suomen Radonhallinta customer service 

Handout: Radon specialist Jarkko Ruokonen, tel. 050-3823591


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