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Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Holland Pavilion at the Waste, Water, Environment Expo in Helsinki

Media release.
Published: 05-Oct-2016 08:00 am
Publisher: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


The Netherlands Embassy is bringing 9 Dutch companies to the Expo, united in the Holland Pavilion. Driven by the need to optimize the use of its small and crowded country, the Netherlands has developed a dynamic ‘ecosystem’ of environmental technologies, systems, organizations and regulations.

During the Expo, which takes place from 12-14 October, professionals of waste management, water supply and environmental engineering will meet.

Holland Pavilion

The Netherlands Embassy in Finland facilitates a Holland Pavilion where a good mix of companies from the innovative Dutch waste, water and environment sector will be present. The aim is to discover interesting business opportunities, make new contacts and expand the network in Finland. Come and visit the Holland Pavilion! In addition to meeting the companies there, you can also try your luck at the 'wheel of fortune' where you can win 'Holland themed' prizes. The Holland Pavilion is designed and constructed by Willem Heeffer, a Dutch designer based in Helsinki.

Netherlands knows how water works

# World is full of water challenges. Global collaboration is needed more than ever to find solutions. The Netherlands has much to offer. Not with quick fixes, but with sustainable, integrated tailor made solutions that take into account regions’ needs and circumstances.

# Netherlands has developed widespread expertise and technology for sustainable ways to reuse water, to extract valuable nutrients from waste water and to produce energy from waste water. Water in the Netherlands is collected, filtered and re-cycled with high levels of quality and service in an integrated cycle, with the focus on sustainability.

# Dutch companies are recognised specialists in the treatment of industrial waste water and several consultancies are globally respected for their water treatment expertise.

# Netherlands has several of the world top institutes for delta technology agriculture, water technology and marine engineering.

 The Netherlands – your partner in sustainability. Balancing Economy with Ecology.

# The Netherlands has embraced a courageous vision: by 2050, the country will have a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system.

# As part of this, the Dutch aim to cut CO2 emissions by half, and to generate some 40 percent of their electricity from sustainable sources such as wind at sea and biomass by that time.

# Environmental challenges are solved in a typically Dutch way: through collaboration between the public and private sector.

# Expertise e.g. offshore wind energy, co-combustion of biomass in coal-fired power plants, methods to pre-treat biomass, the use of landfill gas, and the use of heat pumps combined with heat and cold storage.


For further information and interview requests, please contact:

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Communications & Public Diplomacy Officer
Ilona Jääskeläinen-Overduin
ilona.jaaskelainen@minbuza.nl / 040 569 2161

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Policy Officer for Trade & Innovation
Venla Virkamäki
venla.virkamaki@minbuza.nl / 045 8590 444

Additional information:
(Please also check out the seperate attachment with more information about the companies and some inspirational stories)

Waste, Water, Environment 2016 (in Finnish: Jäte, Vesi ja Ympäristö 2016) presents the essential products and services of municipal and environmental engineering and waste management. It takes place from 12-14 October 2016 at the Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre in Helsinki. Opening hours: Wednesday 12 October 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Thursday 13 October 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Friday 14 October 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Other fairs taking place at the same time: FinnBuild, InfraExpo, Arena and ViherTek. 

The stage programme is primarily in Finnish excluding the topics presented by the exhibitors of the Holland Pavilion.

Website of the Jäte, Vesi ja Ympäristö expo: http://jatevesiymparisto.messukeskushelsinki.fi/



The Netherlands Embassy in Helsinki is an outpost of the Netherlands in Finland. One of our main tasks is to promote Dutch economy, Dutch commercial interests in Finland and bilateral cooperation.

We maintain a wide contact network covering government authorities, organizations, enterprises, chambers of commerce  and similar cooperation partners. In addition, we facilitate trade- and business missions. We visit, plan and organize numerous (trade) events, such as seminars, workshops and other events where Holland promotion is central.

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