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Föli is actively developing its mobile services - From now on, mobile tickets will be inspected mechanically

Media release.
Published: 30-Sep-2015 09:00 am
Publisher: Turun seudullinen joukkoliikenne

Turku region public transport Föli continues to actively develop its mobile services. Starting from the beginning of October, mobile tickets downloaded to smart phones will be inspected mechanically on buses. Mechanical inspection allows for new types of ticket products that will be gradually introduced later on.

The Föli mobile ticket was introduced in spring 2014. So far, the inspection of tickets has primarily been based on a visual inspection by the driver. As of 1 October, all mobile tickets will be inspected with the reader device located below the ticket machine. In the future, the driver will only inspect tickets in exceptional cases.

The transition to mechanical inspection will make the driver’s work easier, increase the reliability of tickets and improve the compiling of statistics. Passenger comfort will also improve once the amount of time spent on ticket inspection at bus stops decreases.

At present, single tickets and travel products can be purchased as mobile tickets. The transition to mechanical inspection will provide a significant added benefit later in the autumn, once new ticket products are introduced.

-          The next stage will see the introduction of season products, which means that purchasing the traditional travel card may no longer be necessary. Nevertheless, we will also provide customers with the opportunity to load their travel card using their phone, which will allow customers to choose whether to use a card or phone to pay for transport, says Jari Paasikivi, the project manager in charge of Föli’s payment system reform.

Föli’s mobile ticket functions in an application that can be downloaded to all the latest mobile phones. The application currently has over 11,000 users. This application, produced by Turku-based iQ Payments Oy, is the first large-scale mobile ticket application in Finland. The development of the application is part of Turku region public transport Föli’s customer-oriented strategy which aims to make travel on local public transport easy and attractive.

-          The use of mobile phones to pay for transport has been a rising trend in public transport over the last few years, and this can also be seen in the rapidly increasing popularity of the Föli mobile ticket, says Public Transport Director Sirpa Korte. – I believe that the mobile ticket’s popularity will further increase once the new products are introduced.

-          In addition to ticket products, we are also constantly developing the monitoring of information on routes and timetables on mobile devices. In this regard, our aim is to open the necessary interfaces for use by application developers as quickly as possible.

The mobile ticket has also made it possible to cooperate with event organisers. For example, a combination ticket worth €20 is available to Turku International Book Fair, including a one-day travel ticket and admission to the fair. The combination ticket will be available for purchase for the duration of the fair, from 2 to 4 October 2015.

Further information:

Public Transport Director Sirpa Korte sirpa.korte@turku.fi, 044 9075 121

Development Manager Jari Paasikivi jari.paasikivi@turku.fi, 040 8663 468



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