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Information in English about benefits for families with children

Julkaistu: 06.07.2016 klo 13:28
Julkaisija: Kela

The section for families with children on Kela's website has been updated with an emphasis on clarity and convenience. The information is arranged to make it easier for customers to see which benefits are relevant to their personal situation.

The Finnish- and Swedish-language web pages on benefits for families with children were fully updated in December 2015. Based on the positive experiences gained, the English-language pages have now been updated in the same way.

Redundancies were removed and readability improved. The navigation sidebar has been streamlined to make it easier to find information. A visual quick guide gives an overview about what benefits are relevant for children of different ages and when it is time to claim them. Key information and deadlines can be seen at a glance.

Kela.fi visitor figures rise as a result of international interest in the Finnish maternity package 

There has been steady international media interest in the Finnish maternity package.  The section on the maternity package is by far the most popular English-language content on the kela.fi website.

The updated pages now offer a better look at the items included in the package. It is now possible to zoom in for a detailed look at each item, just as in online stores. Users can also share their favourites with friends. There is a link to Facebook and Twitter with each item.

Kela.fi pages will be updated in stages

The content on the kela.fi website will be gradually updated to comply with the new design concept.  The first sections to be updated were the families with children section and the section on disability allowances for persons under 16. An updated section for students was launched in May in three languages. More updates will follow in the autumn.

The redesign is guided by an understanding of how customers interact with online information. Customers have provided ideas and have helped to test new types of content during the update process. Development will continue based on customer feedback.


Further information

New section for families with children on kela.fi                                                   

Quick guide for families with children - a concise overview and benefits planner

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