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Tridify selected as a Canary Wharf Cognicity Challenge finalist

Media release.
Published: 20-Apr-2015 08:42 am
Publisher: Tridify

Tridify, the next generation visualisation service from Finnish start-up Intelle Innovations Ltd, has been selected by Canary Wharf Group to participate in the finals of the Cognicity Challenge virtual design and construction stream.

Tridify enables complex engineering models of building projects to be available in an easy to use manner on modern, mobile devices such as iPads and Tablets. With Tridify, all stakeholders in a project are able to interact with and understand the intended outcome whilst bringing their special expertise and contribution into the plans prior to construction. This innovative approach supports significant cost savings by avoiding late and costly changes, and results in optimally designed buildings for the benefit of end users, developers and investors.

Cognicity is the city of the future, realised today. This pioneering project set up by Canary Wharf Group aims to identify and accelerate the development of smart city technology products and services to create one of the world’s leading smart city areas within one of the world's greatest capital cities. Cognicity will collect, analyse, and harness solutions generated via its programs to inform the creation of “the integrated city of the future” and Canary Wharf Group’s development pipeline. 

“We are thrilled about being among the most promising new technology providers to the leading UK construction and property market players such as Canary Wharf Group. To us, the Cognicity challenge is not just a competition but a great opportunity to demonstrate improvements to the whole industry and how it may benefit from our innovative approach. Getting into the finals proves that Tridify fills a significant gap between specialist engineering tools and the wider audience who eventually will live and work in the delivered environment” says Janne Koistinen, Vice President and head of marketing, Intelle Innovations Ltd.

Further information and queries:

Nigel Alexander, Business Development UK, Intelle Innovations Ltd,

+44 7831 485 081 nigel.alexander@intelle.fi 

Janne Koistinen, Vice President, Marketing, Intelle Innovations Ltd,

+358 40 5020 228, janne.koistinen@intelle.fi



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