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Speed and transparency to the outsourced services with integration innovation

Media release.
Published: 29-Jan-2016 03:01 pm
Publisher: Service-Flow


The Finnish Medbit Ltd. produces and develops IT services for health and social care. Medbit needed control and better visibility to the service provider's operations.

The consultant responsible for the main user services of Medbit proposed Service-Flow's integration service delivered as a SaaS solution to Medbit.

Earlier the support requests were sent to the IT service provider responsible for workstation support by email from Medbit's own ITSM system. Respectively, the IT service provider sent the potential answers to Medbit by email. In the course of this email ping-pong the information regarding the support requests didn't become visible to Medbit: what the status of the support request was and who was taking care of it.

– I familiarized myself with the Service-Flow SaaS solution and became convinced that this is exactly what our business needs. The decision was easy to make, because we were talking about a project of few months and not of few years, says development manager Marko Lehto from Medbit.

More control and visibility

Thanks to the SaaS solution of Service-Flow, the integration was carried out cost-efficiently, and the service was quickly up and running. The technical part of the integration was finished very quickly, and also as a whole the implementation took only about three months including the normal testing and cooperation between several parties. Thus, compared to a traditional integration, Medbit saved not only money but also time.

–We have been using the integration service since October 2014. In one and half years, 25 000 tickets have gone through it. We are now able to monitor closely, how the service we have bought is performed. When the contents of the support requests is the same on both sides, also adding information has become faster and easier. The customer experience has improved, when the information can be found both in our system and the system of the IT provider, says Marko Lehto, development manager from Medbit.

–Our starting point has been to simplify the complexity due to the use of different technologies and processes, so that our clients could focus on value providing aspects like integrating services and processes and their continuous development, says CEO of Service-Flow, Juha Berghäll.

Service-Flow Corp.

The Finnish Service-Flow is the first software service (SaaS) designed for service integrations.

The uniqueness of the service lies in the simple and efficient way in which the IT service customers and providers can link up their service management tools and processes.

Service-Flow Corp. operates in Helsinki and in London. In 2016 the company is seeking growth especially in the UK market. Read more about the user experiences of Service-Flow's SaaS solution www.service-flow.com


More information:

Marko Lehto

Development Manager, Medbit Oy

+358 50 406 3523




Juha Berghäll

CEO, Service-Flow Oy

+358 40 589 5121



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