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Liana Technologies

LianaTech opened an office in Dubai

Media release.
Published: 01-Jul-2013 06:00 am
Publisher: Liana Technologies

Liana Technologies that is specialized in digital marketing and communication software has started sales in Dubai. Liana's Saas based products are the most modern tools in the market for email marketing, distributing press releases and news monitoring.

The services are available in Arabic and English.

-We are very excited about the possibilities in Dubai. Our products meet the requirements of the demanding clientele to whom high quality, safety and reliability are of utmost importance, says Samuli Tursas, CEO.

Finnish Liana Technologies has attained the market leader position in Finland. The reason behind the success is the excellent quality as well as fast and flexible customer service that sets us apart from our competitors, Samuli Tursas continues.

Constant product development, that is done in the headquarters in Finland, make sure that Liana products are always up to date. Customers receive updates to the features automatically over network.

The company was founded in Finland in 2005. It is part of the Liana Group which employes 85 people. The revenue in 2013 is about six million euros. The company is owned and lead by its founders.

In Dubai customers are served by Mr. Janne Kilpeläinen and his team.

+971 50 2400195



More information:

CEO Samuli Tursas

tel +358 40 5135890




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