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Breakthrough in learning effectiveness and analytics with Phenomenon-Based Learning and Experience API

Media release.
Published: 02-Feb-2016 11:45 am
Publisher: Arcusys

North Karelia municipal education and training consortium (PKKY) adopted phenomenon-based learning pedagogy as a part of their curriculum. At the moment, the pass through rate for online courses has already exceeded 70 percent.

Joensuu, Finland, February 2, 2016. Arcusys, the global leader in digital learning solutions for Liferay, delivered to PKKY Valamis - Learning Experience Platform, which is a social learning environment that supports phenomenon-based learning. PKKY adopted Valamis in fall 2015. When the study results from fall semester 2014 are compared to fall semester 2015, the outcome is extremely promising and encouraging.

"After the adoption of phenomenon-based learning pedagogy, students have managed to complete their online studies notably faster and with better grades," says Ville Tuominen, Advisor of Online Learning at PKKY. "Also, the quality of essay answers has improved as the students are now able to connect the studied topics with real life phenomena," Tuominen continues.

Within the one-year comparison frame the number of passed online studies has increased from 49 percent to 59 percent. In January 2016, the pass through rate of online studies already exceeded 70 percent. Within the same time frame the number of good and excellent grades grew from 19 to 78 percent. In addition, with the help of a visual concept map, teachers can easily follow learners' study progress and locate the parts of the studies that appear to be the most challenging for learners. In Valamis, learners can also easily give and receive feedback on their studies.

"Phenomenon-based learning and Experience API have been combined for the first time to deliver a breakthrough in the effectiveness of learning. The results surpassed even the most optimistic of expectations," says Janne Hietala, Chief Commercial Officer at Arcusys. "New learning technologies combined with the latest pedagogics, such as phenomenon-based learning, have a very promising future globally," Hietala continues.

Liferay & Arcusys organize two free webinars on phenomenon-based learning. Feel free to register here:

Webinar | February 2, 2016 | 2 pm CET (EMEA) | Register here 
Webinar | February 3, 2016 | 9 am PST (US) | Register here

More information:

Arcusys Ltd.
Janne Hietala
Chief Commercial Officer, CCO
+358 40 831 4245

Ville Tuominen
Advisor of Online Learning
+358 50 311 5811

Arcusys is an internationally growing Liferay developer company specialized in the digitalization of learning. Valamis Learning Experience Platform provides organizations a solution for turning digital transformation of learning into competitive advantage. Company's customers are large organizations in both private and public sector. Headquartered in Joensuu, Finland, Arcusys has in total six offices in Finland, the US and Russia. Read more about Arcusys at www.arcusys.com

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