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Suomen Rahapaja Oy

Mint of Finland's preliminary collector coin release schedule for 2015. Sibelius and Sisu celebrate the new year

Media release.
Published: 30-Jan-2015 10:39 am
Publisher: Suomen Rahapaja Oy

Today on 30 January, Mint of Finland will release a collector coin in honour of the 150th anniversary year of composer Jean Sibelius. The coin will be launched at World Money Fair 2015 in Berlin. In addition to the silver and gold collector coins, Jean Sibelius will also be commemorated with a special two-euro coin released on 18 February.

The official collector coins released in 2015 will pay tribute to Finnish masters of music, art and design. In March, a collector coin will be issued in tribute to sisu, the quality of perseverance often associated with the Finnish people.

”The year 2015 will be a fantastic, diverse year in terms of collector coins. Legendary Finnish artists such as Jean Sibelius, Tapio Wirkkala and Akseli Gallén-Kallela, among others, will be honoured with commemorative coins. We will also contribute to the Sisu theme year with the Sisu collector coin, which highlights the new, modern manifestations of Finnish grit,” says Mint of Finland Communications Director Henna Karjalainen.

Sports have always been dear to Finnish hearts, and this will be explored by a new series of collector coins devoted to sports, with four coins being issued in 2015. “I feel that the sports coin series is a fantastic tribute to sports beloved by the Finnish people, sports in which long-term work has now brought us success,” Henna Karjalainen continues.

The Animals of the Provinces series will also be complemented in 2015 by coins devoted to the provincial animals of Satakunta, Lapland, Uusimaa, Ostrobothnia and Tavastia.

The results of a market survey of the most popular themes for collector coins, carried out in 2014, were used as a guideline for the designs and subjects of collector coins released in 2015. In this manner, the Finnish people have been able to influence the themes of collector coins issued by Mint of Finland.

The preliminary release schedule for 2015 is available in its entirety on the Mint of Finland web site at http://www.suomenrahapaja.fi/eng/info/2015_issuing_programme.

Mint of Finland is the only Finnish manufacturer of metal coins

By decision of the Ministry of Finance, Mint of Finland has exclusive rights to mint collector coins in Finland, all of which are minted at the factory in Vantaa. Each collector coin is thus backed by a decree of the Ministry of Finance, ratifying the nominal value of the coin. As an acknowledgement to the Finnish origin of these collector coins, the Association for Finnish Work granted the silver collector coins struck by Mint of Finland the Key Flag label on 2 December 2014.

For more information, please contact:
Auli Mikkonen
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Mint of Finland
+358 40 660 5900

Mint of Finland Group designs, markets and manufactures coins, blanks, collector coins and special coins as well as coinages. Mint of Finland Group is the strongest mint in the euro zone and one of the largest global exporters of coins. The company is owned by the Republic of Finland. Saxonia Mint of Finland is a subsidiary of Mint of Finland. You can see how coins are produced at the About a Coin exhibition at the Heureka Science Centre. For more information about the 2015 events, please visit www.mint.fi

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