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Thermal modification replaces chemical impregnation and extends the use of sustainable wood

Media release.
Published: 08-May-2013 07:18 am
Publisher: Miktech Oy

Thermal modification has proven efficient and ecological in the protection of wood against decay. It also improves the features of sustainable wood, enabling its extended use instead of tropical hardwood. Luxhammar Corporation, a Finnish company specializing in thermal wood modification kilns with almost 20 years of experience in the field brings the benefits of thermal modification to its customers in the wood processing industry.

Thermal wood modification offers a safe, non-poisonous alternative to chemically impregnated wood. It also enables replacing tropical hardwood by wood from sustainable forests in the manufacturing of ecological, yet inexpensive wood products with beautiful, dark colour, good resistance to decay and dimensional stability.

With thermal modification the light-coloured sustainable wood achieves dark tones such as those found in tropical wood. Thus, sustainable wood can be used instead of tropical hardwood in a variety of products, which helps in the conservation of tropical rainforests, says Tero Lallukka, CEO at Luxhammar.

Luxhammar specializes strictly in thermal wood protection kilns. Our customers benefit from our strong expertise. Each type of wood requires a specific formula for thermal modification; we have an own laboratory developing these formulas and offering 24/7 support to our maintenance customers, says Lallukka.

Luxhammar presents its wood modification kilns at the Ligna 2013 woodworking industry fair in Hannover, Germany on May 6th to May 10th, 2013. Please be welcome to visit us in the Hall 13, Booth A26.

More information:

Tero Lallukka, CEO, Luxhammar Corporation., +358-400-491 754, tero.lallukka@luxhammar.com, www.luxhammar.com

Picture 1: Luxhammar at Ligna 2013 woodworking industry fair in Hannover, Germany

Picture 2: Luxhammar's sales and marketing team attends customers in 14 different languages at the fair. Pictured: Joe Hauersberger (USA), Tero Lallukka (Finland), Marina Timpe (Germany),  Harri Forsberg (Finland), Natalie Bianka Müller (Germany), Markku Ranin (Malesia/South East Asia). Franck Savage (France) and Suan Lallukka (Finland), missing from the picture, also attend the customers at the fair.


Luxhammar is a Finnish company specializing in production of thermal modification equipment for wood. The office, stock and laboratory of Luxhammar are located in Mikkeli, eastern Finland and the sales and service organizations are working around Europe, Asia and North-America. The founders and the management of the company have decades of experience in thermal wood protection equipment. www.luxhammar.com 

Miktech Ltd. is an innovation and technology center in Mikkeli, eastern Finland. Miktech promotes research and business, with an emphasis in the creation of new technology solutions, growth and internationalization of innovative companies. New innovation environment and intensive coaching of start ups helps the best ideas and companies to grow, succeed and go international. The project is financed by European Social Fund and the municipies and companies from South Savo. The financing was granted by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of South Savo. www.miktech.fi




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