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SHIPSU – web-service connects professionals of the marine industry

Media release.
Published: 07-Jun-2012 03:32 pm
Publisher: SHIPSU

SHIPSU is a web-based service launched 1st June 2012 for connecting professionals of marine industry in to a single network. The service aims at bringing the global and somewhat scattered field of marine industry together. SHIPSU is a tool for buyers to find relevant shipbuilding materials and services from one place and a tool for providers to get connected with the buyers.

Unlike traditional materials, nearly all materials onboard a commercial vessel has to certified by a classification society. This makes shipbuilding materials special and challenging for buyers to find. The buyers can be professional buyers working for a shipyard, ship owner or a mariner looking for maintenance services and materials onboard a vessel.

Helping providers to sell

Provider Profile is meant for companies selling products and services for shipbuilding, ship renovations and repair. Providers are able to add specified details about their company, products and services such as text, video, pictures, certifications and references. Being easily available to buyers means that providers are contacted directly which means less hassle and less non-value-adding operations.

Creating a tool for buyers

Buyer’s profile allows buyers to access and see marine industry’s products and services sold by verified providers of SHIPSU. The service makes buyers sourcing operations easier than ever.

Global service with Finnish roots

SHIPSU is a one stop shop for marine industry and because it’s web-based both providers and buyers can access it from anywhere in the world through a web-browser. The service has been developed and tested by future users and it has designed and tested to work with onboard satellite connections. The buyers are delighted and happy to receive such service. They are eager to see, how fast and who are joining the network.


More information,

Mikko Varjanne - COO / Founder 

mikko@shipsu.com / +358 207 871 010


Hannu Luoto - CEO / Founder

hannu@fcr-finland.fi / +358 207 871 013



The service is being developed in Finland but is global solution a special industry. The company behind the service, Oy FCR Finland Ltd received the “Growth in Sight” –award on the European day of the Entrepreneur, 6th June 2012. The company was awarded not only because of company's fast growth but also because company's operations has made it possible for other companies to go global as well. SHIPSU is the next service to be concentrated more into helping others.

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