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Issue 1/2012 of Lifelong Learning in Europe is out!

Media release.
Published: 04-Apr-2012 06:15 pm
Publisher: Kansanvalistusseura

The first issue of the year of LLinE journal is out now! Issue 1/2012 features the theme of Transitions in human life and the role of learning in them.

Highlights of the issue:

  • Previously human resource development has largely ignored the personal life stages of the employee. A new model of HR harmonizes career development with life stages.
  • Adult learning is the weakest link in lifelong learning in Europe. What are the learning needs of ageing workers and how could EU policy help them?
  • Empirical results of a Europe-wide study on the impact of non-formal adult education on social inclusion are out. Taking part in collective learning has a dramatically positive effect on the social inclusion of adults at risk of marginalization.

We have a special offer on this issue: 9 € (norm. 13 €) until 1st of May. The issue can be ordered from the LLinE website www.lline.fi or from info@kvs.fi. 

Lifelong Learning in Europe (LLinE) is a European journal of adult education and learning, established in 1996 and published by Kansanvalistusseura. LLinE is the only journal in its field in Europe that is directed at the whole of the education field, including policy-makers, the academic community and educators.

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