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Kemin Matkailu Oy - Kemi Tourism Ltd.

Record of 200.000 visitors on Icebreaker Sampo

Media release.
Published: 24-Feb-2015 11:57 am
Publisher: Kemin Matkailu Oy - Kemi Tourism Ltd.

Record of 200.000 visitors on Icebreaker Sampo
In April 1988 one of the greatest success stories in winter travel got its start at the Port of Ajos in 
Kemi. By that date the icebreaker Sampo, having served the Finnish Government from 1961 – 1987 
in official duties, was transformed into a Cruise Icebreaker by the city of Kemi. Since then, 
thousands of visitors over the years have cruised on Sampo, through beautiful, arctic sea-sceneries. 
On Monday, February 23, the 200.000th visitor boarded the morning-cruise on Sampo. While 
working, and enjoying, the cruise staff, guides and other visitors celebrated the memorable moment 
during the cruise. The two hundred thousandth visitor was awarded the Sampo-book with photos, 
and a gift certificate of Sampo cruise tickets for two.
The annual amount of visitors on the Cruise Icebreaker Sampo has varied from 6.000 to close to 
12.000 visitors. According to the current reservation situation, in spite of the fact that some of the 
first cruises had to be cancelled due to lack of proper ice conditions in the beginning of the season, 
the Sampo is heading for record results the cruise season 2014 – 2015.
The Sampo cruise season begins annually just before Christmas, continuing up until mid-April. 
The capacity on the vessel is 150 visitors per cruise. The four hour cruise includes a guided tour 
from the Captain’s Bridge down to the engine rooms, with brief information about ice breaking, and 
a delicious meal aboard the ship’s Restaurant as well as the unforgettable arctic experience of 
swimming/floating in the middle of the iced sea, dressed in impermeable survival suits. The Sampo 
visitors are mostly foreign; travellers especially from Israel and the Far Eastern countries as well as 
the Middle and Southern European countries form the majority of the clientele at the moment. Over 
50 different nationalities, all and all, have participated on the Sampo cruise over the years.  
The Sampo vessel is owned by the Kemi Port Ltd. The Sampo travel services, sales and marketing 
are produced and provided by the Kemi Tourism Ltd.
Additional information:
PR-officer Titta Vuorinen, Kemi Tourism Ltd, + 358 40 662 1172titta@visitkemi.fi
Shipmaster Petter Tähtinen, Icebreaker Sampo, + 358 500 431 633petter.tahtinen@keminsatama.fi



Kemi Tourism Ltd. operate the Arctic Icebreaker Sampo, the SnowCastle, Kemi Gemstone Gallery and our own catering restaurant. Our business idea is to produce and develop tourism in Sea-Lapland area.

We offer unique experiences that will keep you coming back for more. Both the world-famous Arctic Icebreaker Sampo and the SnowCastle, the artwork of ice and snow can be found from city of Kemi which is the excellent alternative as a winter travel destination. Our products are suitable for FIT, Groups and also incentives – from a day trip to a programme for a several days. 

Experience the Arctic Freedom - sea, snow and ice

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