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Miktech Oy

Landscape concept allows travelling through Finland s most beautiful scenery

Media release.
Published: 19-Sep-2014 08:15 am
Publisher: Miktech Oy

The landscape concept, developed by OiOi, is a new interactive channel and a physical space where the viewer can change the experience by touching a surface. OiOi and Flatlight Creative House created Landscape for Yle, the Finnish state-owned media, as a solution that takes the viewer to a trip through the Finnish scenery. The intensive experience is enabled by a unified video surface covering an entire wall, which acts as a tactile display.

In the solution created by OiOi and Flatlight Creative House, the viewer opens a map of Finland by touching the surface. As the viewer touches a certain point on the map, he opens a window to that scenery. The sceneries are carefully chosen parts of the most beautiful Finnish landscapes. The combination of audiovisual elements makes the viewer feel a sense of presence in the chosen place and time.

Landscape is a concept developed by OiOi. The interface is based on OiOi’s Pinta application, which enables making almost any surface interactive, cost-efficiently. The video content introducing Finnish landscapes was developed in cooperation with Flatlight Creative House. Flatlight Creative House is a pioneer in the innovative creation of video contents, and uses new possibilities of multichannel solutions for creating stories.

The Landscape concept enables a variety of applications. The content may be any video, from any chosen location or event. The landscape allows travelling around the world or into the space, for example. It makes the by-passers stop and experience an interactive moment and story. Landscape is a cost-effective, impactful physical space solution that fits perfectly to fairs, theme parks, airports, events and didactic purposes, among others. Landscape is available for rent or adquisition, and with a fixed or mobile installation.  

OiOi participates in the intensive training for startup companies, organized by Miktech innovation and technology center. During the program, the startup companies get training for planning their activities, financing and product and service development, among others.  


More information:

Sami Kämppi, OiOi, +358 40 820 4561, sami.kamppi@oioi.fi, http://oioi.fi/

Maria Gullsten / Flatlight Creative House, +358 400 730 440, maria@flatlight.fi, http://flatlight.fi/

Marjo Niittuaho-Nastolin, development manager, Miktech Oy, +358 440 361 615, marjo.niittuaho-nastolin@miktech.fi



Miktech Ltd. is an innovation and technology center in Mikkeli, eastern Finland. Miktech promotes research and business, with an emphasis in the creation of new technology solutions, growth and internationalization of innovative companies. It coordinates strategic business development clusters of the City of Mikkeli, and has an important role in the development of the region. Miktech also provides services with an international scope for example for business collaboration between Russia and Finland.

The new innovation environment and intensive startup training is a method of developing innovation activities and new companies in Miktech Ltd. The aim of the program is to help the best business ideas and startup companies from South Savo region to grow, succeed and become international. The services are targeted mostly to companies with high technology and expertise, and a strong will to grow and succeed. The companies get help in planning, starting and developing their business. The project is funded by ESR and the municipalities and companies of the region. The funding has been granted by the ELY Center of South Savo.


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