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When an ordinary solution is not enough

Julkaistu: 27.04.2015 klo 06:45
Julkaisija: Editor Helsinki Oy / Editori.fi

Sisu Auto has been a forerunner in producing trucks for the harsh northern conditions for 80 years already. Now the Finnish company has expanded its expertise into demanding special vehicle solutions and customized production development services.

Sisu Auto has extended the Sisu Polar range to also cover an improved off-road capability. Sisu is the answer to transport performance requirements in the most demanding duties. The single wheeled, off-road capable Sisu Polar truck continues the legacy of taking the cargo further than the paved road exists.

Equipped with a hook-lift unit, the off-road capable Sisu Polar truck is able to deliver cargo, loaded on flat racks or containers, quickly to remote places where cargo terminals and sophisticated logistic support functions do not necessarily exist.

Kamaz Master team was the first customer for the new off-road capable Sisu Polar truck, using it as a support vehicle in the events where the Kamaz Master team participates, such as the “Dakar” and “Silk Way” competitions.

The Sisu 10×10 truck has been chosen as a platform for the Romanian OMV Petrom’s new fleet of Workover Rigs. Sisu Auto has earlier experience of supplying Sisu 10×10 Bridge Launching platforms for use in the Armed Forces. The mobility and durability required in military applications is necessary also in the most demanding tasks of the civilian sector, Oil Field operations being an example of such end use.

– The Sisu 10×10 Workover Rig platform is an example of the versatility and adaptability of the products and technologies originally developed for rough military use, now put to very different operational uses in the civilian sector. It is also an important benchmark as we expand our range to the export market of Special Vehicles, says Timo Korhonen, Sisu Auto’s Chairman of Board.

– The ongoing Workover Rig project will have a great impact in our operations and productivity, says Mr. Ewald Stoecke, Team Leader from OMV Petrom Workover & Well Intervention Business Unit.

– The Sisu 10×10 platform will give the Workover Rigs a totally new mobility, thus enabling increased operational availability, Mr. Stoecke continues, adding that the drop in maintenance costs over an expected lifetime of more than 25 years is likewise an important factor.

Export to all over the world

Sisu Auto has achieved strong growth through exporting. The company is now launching production in Serbia as a result of a business takeover. In China, the company is starting cooperation with the major Chinese car producer JAC. Sisu Auto will use its know-how to improve JAC’s product development services and local supply network.

Contact: Sisu Auto Oy, p. 010 2751

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