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Logistics, EuroSafety, and Workplace Welfare fairs in Tampere in autumn 2016

Media release.
Published: 30-Apr-2015 10:56 am
Publisher: Tampereen Messut


Next year, 13–15 September 2016, three significant trade fair events will be held simultaneously in Tampere. The international safety-industry trade fair EuroSafety 2016 will be accompanied by the Logistics 2016 fair aimed at professionals representing the materials handling and logistics industries. In addition, the Workplace Welfare fair will take place at the same time. This is the first event of its kind to bring together professionals from the fields of safety, occupational well-being, and materials handling and logistics.

"How nice it is to have the Logistics and EuroSafety fairs at the same time in 2016! Safety is closely linked to the use of forklifts and other logistics equipment. Some accident and material damage risks are naturally present with internal logistics processes, and we must do all we can to prevent them.  It is a question of productivity, working environment, employer brand, and costs. The industrial forklift industry sees safety as a factor embedded in its comprehensive solutions and service demands. This offers opportunities for networking. We operate in a networked economy comprising a wide range of specialised manufacturers and suppliers. Now, we can establish contacts and meet all of them under one roof", says Director Heikki Ojanperä from the Association of Finnish Technical Traders.

"I believe that EuroSafety will attract new visitors and target groups to the Logistics fair, and vice versa. We have detected that increasingly often, the same suppliers, or at least closely connected operators, serve both internal logistics and safety industries. Hopefully, combining these themes will also increase the number of event visitors. This is a perfect time for purchase decision-makers to put together a team and see the offerings and new innovations presented at the fairs. This is also a good opportunity for service industries to join the events as exhibitors – visitors will surely be interested in such topics as ICT, automation, and productivity solutions", notes Mika Laatikainen, Managing Director of Jungheinrich Lift Truck Oy and the Chairperson of the Industrial Trucks section of the Association of Finnish Technical Traders.

"Next year's EuroSafety is the 15th international safety-industry trade fair in Tampere. The Workplace Welfare is being held for the sixth time. The Logistics fair, arranged for the third time in 2016, will further diversify this unique event. We are very excited about this blend. Materials handling and logistics professionals represent a very important target group for safety and occupational welfare companies. We are looking forward to creating significant synergies, new contacts and networking opportunities for representatives of these industries", says Jukka Nylander, Chairman of the Association of Finnish Suppliers of Labour Safety Equipment (STYL).

"Having the Logistics and EuroSafety trade fairs at the same time is a good idea. Well-managed occupational well-being and appropriate protective gear applied on the basis of a risk assessment are integral parts of good logistics. September is a good time for the event, as it enables excellent utilisation of the outdoor areas, as well. We would like to see internal and external transport service providers and professionals as exhibitors. The target groups include warehouse managers, logistics managers, transport staff, warehouse staff, as well as purchasers. We will place a particular focus on STYL's Safety Pass", says STYL's Executive Director Jouni Ojala.

Autumn is a good time for logistics and safety events

The previous Logistics trade fair took place in April 2013. This time, the event is scheduled in the autumn. The EuroSafety and Workplace Welfare trade fairs, which last took place in 2014, have traditionally been held in the autumn.

"Moving the Logistics fair to September is a positive thing for industry operators for two reasons. First of all, the new products introduced at the CeMAT/Hannover exhibition that ends in early June can be brought to Finland in the desired range. Secondly,  we are hoping that the prolonged economic downtrend will gradually ease in 2015-16 and investments will be reactivated, and during this kind of period, it is expected that customers will show a concrete interest in products and solutions", Heikki Ojanperä explains.

"The EuroSafety, Workplace Welfare, and Logistics trade fairs in autumn 2016 form a new kind of a major, significant event with extensive potential for discovering synergies and new networking opportunities.  Companies representing these industries should turn out in big numbers to these events, because there is a lot of useful information and contacts available for experts in logistics, occupational protection and workplace welfare under one roof", says Product Group Manager Jani Maja from Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd.   

The events are being organized by Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd and its main partners, the Industrial Trucks Section of the Association of Finnish Technical Traders for the Logistics fair, and the Association of Finnish Suppliers of Labour Safety Equipment STYL ry for EuroSafety.  

www.eurosafety.fi, www.tyohyvinvointimessut.fi, www.logistiikkamessut.fi

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Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd.: www.tampereenmessut.fi

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