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Finland’s Winter Navigation 2015–2016

Media release.
Published: 23-Dec-2015 01:02 pm
Publisher: Liikennevirasto

The new edition of Finland’s Winter Navigation 2015–2016, containing instructions for winter navigation operators, has been published.


These general instructions have been compiled by the Winter Navigation Unit at the Finnish Transport Agency to ensure safe and smooth winter navigation.


All vessels arriving for the first time this winter season to the assistance area, will be asked if they accept and commit to compliance with the instructions in the publication Finland’s Winter Navigation.

First traffic restrictions are coming in force on 28.12.2105 in lake Saimaa.

The answer will affect the provision of future icebreaker assistance.


The question is asked to ensure that the vessel crew has studied the publication ”Finland’s Winter Navigation 2015–2016", accepted the instructions and committed to compliance with these instructions.

The answers can be sent in advance by e-mail to: turku.radio@fta.fi

Further information about this in paragraph 1.3.1 of the publication.


This publication is now also available in Russian in PDF format on the Finnish Transport Agency’s website: Зимняя навигация Финляндии


Useful information concerning winter navigation:

  • Finland’s Winter Navigation 2015–2016, waypoints and advance information about traffic restrictions: www.liikennevirasto.fi/
  • icebreakers’ assistance plans and positions, ice charts and other useful information about operations: www.baltice.org


Further information by e-mail: winternavigation@fta.fi

Further contact information to the Winter Navigation Unit can be found at the web addresses above.




Finnish Transport Agency

Winter Navigation Unit


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