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A perfect hotel alternative to be finally opened in Oslo - Forenom expands rapidly to Nordic capitals

Media release.
Published: 14-Oct-2016 03:38 pm
Publisher: Forenom

The largest Nordic countries’ temporary accommodation provider Forenom significantly strengthens its capacity by opening new apartment hotels in Oslo and Stockholm. An astonishing addition of 369 rooms strengthens Forenom’s hold as the Nordic countries’ largest provider. Oslo’s new apartment hotel races right to the top of the list of accommodation choices by being located just 200 meters away from the main railway station. In a recent press release for Byggeindustrien magazine, Skanska stated its contribution in the major agreement.

During the summer of 2018, Oslo will have its own perfect hotel alternative, when Forenom opens a 163-room apartment hotel in the heart of Oslo. Forenom’s apartment hotel is located just 200 metres from the main railway station and is part of the full redevelopment of Oslo City. Other significant sites that have already undergone a reform include the Oslo Opera House and the Barcode office buildings.

Oslo’s new apartment hotel will be developed in a property owned by Skanska. Skanska says it considers the new apartment hotel to have a lot of potential with companies’ offices increasing in the area by leaps and bounds in the near future.

At the moment there is office space in the property, but we see potential in the building for this new intended use. We found a very interesting operator via Skanska’s global network, Forenom, which will be opening an apartment hotel in the building. We believe Forenom will provide a really good supplement to the existing accommodation market in Oslo, comments Vidar Stokkeland, Director at Skanska Property Development.

Apartment hotels are the new global trend

Would you prefer a fully-equipped and spacious apartment hotel room together with a kitchen or a small standard hotel room? Apartment hotels are internationally the fastest growing sub-sector in the accommodation sector. More often than ever, both business and leisure tourists will choose an apartment-like option over a hotel, because they are more spacious than traditional hotel rooms and have cooking and laundry facilities.

Every apartment hotel has the homely facilities, such as a kitchens and a washing machines, as well as space to relax and work. An apartment hotel is suitable for a day or a week, but also for several months’ accommodation, explains Jussi Saarinen, Director of International Business at Forenom.

A perfect hotel alternative takes its stand in the heart of Oslo

– Our Nordic capitals, Stockholm and Oslo, definitely need a new type of capacity alongside the traditional hotel options. Now it is also possible in Oslo to choose accommodation with a sense of home away from home instead of a hotel, and be twice as satisfied, says Saarinen.

The aim of Finnish Accommodation Service Forenom is to be Northern Europe’s leading corporate accommodation provider. Modern technology and design will be utilised to great lengths in the new apartment hotels, which will ensure customer satisfaction.

We are a Finnish company and we are extremely excited about expanding in Oslo. The apartment hotel will become the trendiest one we have ever had. We will put a lot of emphasis on Nordic design, describes Satu-Anna Larvamo, who is responsible for the interior design at the sites.


For more information, do not hesitate to contact us:

Jussi Saarinen

Director of Forenom's International Business 


+358 44 2106 864


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