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Heureka, suomalainen tiedekeskus

New exhibition on mental health and mental well-being: Heureka Goes Crazy!

Media release.
Published: 09-Oct-2013 12:35 pm
Publisher: Heureka, suomalainen tiedekeskus

The first-ever science centre exhibition on mental health, Heureka Goes Crazy, opens at Heureka on 12 October 2013.  The aim of the exhibition is to dispel prejudices associated with mental health problems and to encourage people to take care of their own well-being. Heureka aims to start public discussion on mental health as both a personal and social issue.

In the exhibition, visitors can test simulations of mental disorders and feed their troubles into the worry shredder. The exhibition also encourages visitors to fool around a little and surprise themselves—to take care of their own mental health and well-being. Some of the exhibits have been designed especially for children. Furthermore, visitors can take part in touching and comforting accounts of people suffering from mental health disorders, or take a look at the history of insanity.

Experts from various fields have given their input in the planning of the exhibition. In addition to scientific experts, sufferers of mental health disorders have made a valuable contribution. In cooperation with Universcience, Paris, and Ciência Viva, Lisbon, the exhibition is the first science centre exhibition on mental health. Heureka Goes Crazy runs at Heureka from 12 October 2013 to 21 September 2014 and then moves on to Lisbon and Paris.

In addition to being a science centre exhibition, Heureka Goes Crazy is also an art exhibition. The visual foundation of the exhibition is made up of unique paintings by artist Vappu Rossi, who has created the works directly onto the structures. The experience is enhanced by large photo portraits by art photographer Karoliina Bärlund. Some of the people portrayed have first-hand experience of mental health disorders. In the exhibition, visitors can also try the acoustic sculpture by Pierre-Laurent Cassiére, the Schizophone, which simulates what being constantly distracted feels like. The miniature worlds in the Take a peek at the history of insanity exhibit are by set designer Kimmo Takala.

The Finnish Central Association for Mental Health and the Finnish Association for Mental Health, FAMH, have participated in the creation of the exhibition's content. The sponsors of the events related to the exhibition are Terveystalo and Työsuojelurahasto.

More information:
Heidi Ekelund, project manager, tel. +358 40 9015 213, heidi.ekelund@heureka.fi
Mikko Myllykoski, experience director, tel. +358 40 9015 244, mikko.myllykoski@heureka.fi

Exhibition photos can be found in Heureka's image bank: http://kuvapankki.info/heureka/info.php

Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, is among Finland’s most popular leisure time destinations. Heureka opened to the public on April 28, 1989 and attracts nowadays on the average 300 000 visitors a year. It is a lively hands-on exhibition and activity centre for all ages. Heureka has three exhibition halls for interactive exhibits and a modern digital planetarium. Everything works in three languages: English, Finnish and Swedish, partly also in Russian and Estonian. Heureka is located  in the Helsinki metropolitan area, in city of  Vantaa, Tikkurila, and it is open around the year. More information: www.heureka.fi

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