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EMMA - Espoon modernin taiteen museo

EMMA and the Finnish Figure Skating Association come together to exhibit Rut Bryk's art at the Finlandia Trophy

Media release.
Published: 29-Sep-2016 12:54 pm
Publisher: EMMA - Espoon modernin taiteen museo


EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art and the Finnish Figure Skating Association have signed a cooperation agreement.


The cooperation honours the 100th anniversary of Rut Bryk’s birth by showcasing an impressive exhibition consisting of the artist’s beloved ceramic art at the international Finlandia Trophy figure skating competition, to be held at Espoo Metro Areena on 6–9 October 2016.


The exhibition in the competition will feature a striking ensemble of eight works by Bryk, which will be on display in the kiss & cry area, where the skaters wait for their marks to be announced after their performances. The ensemble is curated by Henna Paunu, EMMA’s Chief Curator of Collections.


“The colour landscape of the selected works by Bryk is fresh and energetic. Still, their overarching texture is eloquent and meticulous. This exhibition honours the Bryk and Wirkkala 100th anniversary being celebrated this year. All works on display are part of the Tapio Wirkkala Rut Bryk Foundation collection, deposited at EMMA,” Paunu says.


The purpose of the agreement is also to lay a foundation for future cooperation between EMMA and the Finnish Figure Skating Association.


“This is an excellent beginning for new kind of cooperation between art and sports, which can be considered to be a developing continuum. We quickly discovered the areas of harmonised content and the common interests. We are creating experiences of art for demanding international audiences while also promoting a valuable image of Finland,” says Esa Takala, EMMA Head of Marketing & Communications.


Outi Wuorenheimo, General Secretary of the Finnish Figure Skating Association, is delighted about the cooperation: “In the eyes of the public, culture and sports are often at the opposing ends of a spectrum. Therefore, I am very happy that we are able to seamlessly integrate these two forms of art. After all, figure skating is a world-class sport, but it is also highly artistic.”


Finlandia Trophy, 6–9 October 2016, Espoo Metro Areena

Press accreditation for the competition:

no later than 29 September through this link. For more information, please visit http://www.finlandiatrophy.com/en/Media.html


Press photo: http://kuvat.emma.museum/kuvat/Lehdistokuvat-Press/Finlandia+Trophy/
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Further information:

Esa Takala, Head of Marketing & Communication, EMMA
esa.takala@emma.museum  p. +358 43 825 0021


Henna Paunu, Chief Curator of Collections, EMMA
henna.paunu@emma.museum p. +358 43 824 6354


Outi Wuorenheimo, General Secretary, Finnish Figure Skating Association
Outi.wuorenheimo@stll.fi p. +358 40 940 2315


EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art is one of Finland’s central art museums. Located in Tapiola, Espoo, EMMA’s collection and exhibition programme profiles Finnish and international modernism, contemporary art as well as design. EMMA’s exhibition spaces – the largest in Finland – are situated in the architecturally impressive WeeGee building designed by Professor Aarno Ruusuvuori. The modern architecture adds to the experience-focused presentation of the changing exhibitions and permanent collections of EMMA, the Saastamoinen Foundation and Tapio Wirkkala Rut Bryk Foundation.


Established in 2003, the Tapio Wirkkala Rut Bryk Foundation works to maintain the Wirkkala/Bryk collection, to support research and to promote exhibitions and publications. The Foundation’s goal of establishing a permanent venue for the collection will be fulfilled in 2017, when the collection will be placed in the WeeGee building. At the end of 2015, the City of Espoo, EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art and the Tapio Wirkkala Rut Bryk Foundation signed an agreement to permanently display the collection in the WeeGee Exhibition Centre as part of EMMA. The purpose of the agreement is to ensure that this nationally valuable collection will be preserved and maintained and that the works are displayed for the public. The new venue and collection display boost EMMA’s profile in the field of design. Through this world-class collection, EMMA will be able to provide the public an even more varied range of exhibitions. Moreover, displaying the collection is seen as a way to enhance the popularity of the WeeGee Centre in general. The aim is to make it a globally interesting activity centre, with a broad display of modern design


Finnish Figure Skating Association (FFSA)  is established in year 1960 to promote figure skating and to act as a central organization to all skating clubs in Finland. FFSA’s vision is ”Whole Finlad is skating, the best ones on the top of the wolrd”


Finlandia Trophy Espoo, an international skating competition will be held between October 6-9, 2016 for the fifth time as a joint effort between Finnish Figure Skating Association and City of Espoo. Competition is part of the ISU Challenger Series, which attracts yearly the top level skaters to Finland. It is also the only competition in the world which includes all four figure skating disciplines (single skating, pairs, ice dance and synchronized skating).


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