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Oy Otto Brandt Ab

All-New AMT 190 BR showcases the new AMT design

Media release.
Published: 19-Feb-2016 01:45 pm
Publisher: Oy Otto Brandt Ab


The 2016 AMT novelty, the 190 BR, is a speedy glass fiber boat equipped with a sporty hull. It aims to showcase the new design direction of the AMT range. The newcomer’s biggest assets are the unforeseen spaciousness of the interior as well as the inclusive standard equipment. AMT 190 BR has been designed with quality conscious consumers in mind, for boaters who want a fast and fuel economic access or leisure boat with emphasis on easy boating.

AMT 190 BR, which sees the light of day for the very first time at the Helsinki Vene16 boat show, has the sportiest hull design so far of the AMT range. Still, we have not compromised on the outstanding performance and overall economy - which in other words means that you can have your cake and eat it too. This makes the newcomer well suited for e.g. watersport fanatics, especially as you can store your waterskis in a spacious storage compartment underneath the flooring. Thanks to the ingenious hull design AMT 190 BR reaches close to 40 knots even with moderate horsepower.

The all-new AMT 190 BR will be on show at the Helsinki boat show on stand 6k79. All AMT-boats are designed and produced in Finland.

The interior of the 190 BR is unexpectedly spacious for this size category. There’s plenty of storage and free floor space for easy access around the boat. Underneath the flooring a vast storage compartment has been included, in order for you to safely store waterskis or other bulky equipment. The storage compartments have been fitted with Abloy -locks, which enables you to store even valuables onboard the boat.

The AMT trademarks - ample standard equipping and quality components - are actualised in the novelty model. All details, down to the bottom water outlets, have been thoroughly attended to. In addition to the basic mooring lines and fenders, the standard equipment of the AMT 190 BR includes e.g. the cushion set, stern canopy and a canopy storage compartment, Securmark Anti-Theft marking and the Abloy single-key system for the storage compartments.

Thanks to the genial hull design the performance of the new AMT 190 BR is high-end, the fuel consumption humble and the boat rides smooth and even. A big fuel tank and the good fuel economy allows for a long range of usage. The recommended engine power is 80-115 hp, and already with a 100 hp outboard you get close to a speed of 40 knots.

The boat is possible to tailor according to the customer’s needs. AMT 190 BR can e.g. be ordered with genuine teak, teak laminate or grey laminate flooring, with a Raymarine navigational system, a Fusion media player or a refrigerator.

AMT 190 BR, as the rest of the AMT fleet, is uniquely constructed with a so called ‘Safely To Shore’ structure. This structure substantially improves the boat’s safety if an emergency occurs at sea. Even though the hull of the boat would fill up with water, the boat’s deck starts to float the boat, giving the skipper valuable time to raise alarm. Depending on the situation at hand, the boat can even be driven to the nearest shore.

Mikael Winqvist
puh. +358 (0)40 545 6252



The AMT boats are as Finnish as they come, designed and manufactured by Finnish professionals and distributed by domestic AMT dealers. AMT was the first boat brand to receive the “key flag” award by the Association for Finnish Work in recognition of the domestic origin of the products. The AMT boats are manufactured in two modern factories in Kontiolahti in the Northern Karelia region, with capacity to build up to 1 600 boats per year. AMT is also a significant exporter, selling boats abroad in, for example, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Estonia and UK.

AMT-veneet Oy
Uurontie 1-2
81100 Kontiolahti, Finland

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