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Sosialidemokraattiset Opiskelijat - SONK ry

SONK: Fear or hatred is not the answer to violence

Published: 22-Mar-2016 07:23 pm
Publisher: Sosialidemokraattiset Opiskelijat - SONK ry

Today we’ve heard of yet another shocking act of terror, this time from the heart of our Europe - Brussels, Belgium. Social Democratic Students in Finland - SONK is deeply saddened and shocked by these attacks against innocent civilians and we send our condolences to the families and friends of the victims, and all of Belgium.

Violence and the unnecessary loss of human lives always leaves one speechless. Today, our thoughts are with Brussels, and its people. The real reason for all these tragedies lay deep in despair, poverty and short-sightedness. These things create corruption and roots for acts of terrorism.

Terrorism doesn’t have a certain face or nationality. But terrorism and populism have a similar aim in taking advantage of people’s fears. Panic often makes people lose their ability to think clearly, even with the facts and reality presented before them. That is why we cannot surrender to populism and false arguments which claim the people who are fleeing from war are the ones to blame. We have to calm down, look at the facts and only then we can act.

Still, even in the middle of these tragedies, we cannot surrender to hatred. It is extremely important to remember that Europe is not at war with Islam, but with those people who distort the core message of it, in order to justify violence against innocent people - Both, Christians and Muslims alike.

Like before, we have to continue with our lives. We still have family and friends to take care of. We’ll still have to go to work tomorrow. Terrorists can't take our values from us, they won’t take Brussels, Paris nor solidarity from us.

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Hanna Huumonen
Social Democratic Students in Finland - SONK

Sosialidemokraattiset Opiskelijat - SONK ry. http://www.sonk.fi/
Social Democratic Students in Finland - SONK

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