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World Gymnaestrada successful beyond expectations

Media release.
Published: 17-Jul-2015 05:03 pm
Publisher: Gymnaestrada

The 15th World Gymnaestrada 2015 Helsinki, which was organised this week, has been successful beyond all expectations. The gymnasts have given positive feedback and praised the expertise regarding gymnastics in Finland. The event was carefully planned and exceptionally well executed, with some participants calling it one of the best World Gymnaestradas ever. The organising regarding dining and accommodation was successful, which is an essential factor in an event this long. There is, naturally, always room for improvement when it comes to organising an event this big.

World Gymnaestrada in Helsinki included elements related to the host country as well as other new innovations regarding the performances. The Midnight Sun Special, a celebration of light Finnish summer nights, offered an informative experience on organising Large Group Performances. The show was fascinating for both the participants and spectators and tickets sold well. All Large Group Performances taught know-how as well as general awareness of gymnastics for spectators and showcased Finnish talent.

Gymnastics got the kind of attention gymnastics couldn’t have received in any other way. This is a diverse, all-round event that has truly showed everything gymnastics have to offer. It is now a lot easier for everyone to go try gymnastics their self, says Maria Laakso, the Secretary General of 15th World Gymnaestrada 2015 Helsinki.

The gymnasts enjoyed performing at City Stage venues around Helsinki, often with packed stands, and the atmosphere was cheerful throughout the week.

There were plenty of spectators and participants for each performance. Some venues had free admittance events, such as the gymnastics testing area in Töölö Sports Hall, which attracted more and more people each day. Approximately one third of the visitors were Gymnaestrada participants and the rest were residents of Helsinki area.

The volunteers’ role in making the event as successful was central. They have been praised as helpful, well-trained and having good language skills. They have showed the true spirit of Gymnaestrada in their work by acting kindly and with big heart.

The new operating model, created in co-operation with the city of Helsinki and Ministry of Education and Culture, proved to be extremely well functioning. It gave all operators new points of views and had lasting effects. It has also left its mark on co-operative partners and their operation models. The event’s partners have given positive feedback, describing the event as something everyone has to live and experience for themselves. Another co-operator added that World Gymnaestrada was a positive surprise that exceeded all expectations the partners had.

The performances of 15th World Gymnaestrada 2015 in Helsinki can still be enjoyed on Saturday July 18th after which the event is over.

World Gymnaestrada is organised every four years and next time the international gymnastics family will travel for the 16th World Gymnaestrada to Dornbirn, Austria, in the Vorarlberg Region.

For more information on the World Gymnaestrada contact:

Maria Laakso, Secretary General, phone +358 50 562 6226, maria.laakso@wg-2015.com

Sanna Yli-Patola, Communication Manager, phone +358 40 540 0041, sanna.yli-patola@wg-2015.com


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