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New version: An international design competition to develop a unique light installation for Raasepori Castle

Media release.
Published: 18-May-2016 01:08 pm
Publisher: Metsähallitus

- The winning proposal will be displayed to the public in August 2017

The competition, which starts on Wednesday 18 May 2016, aims to find an attractive and inspiring lighting solution to illuminate the facade of Raasepori Castle during the light festival in August 2017. The solution must be innovative and unique, and must reflect the castle’s history. Lights on Raasepori! design competition will be advertised both nationally and abroad. The prize is 8,000 euros.

The competition will start on 18 May 2016 and end on 2 September 2016. The winning proposal for the competition Lights on Raasepori! will be displayed on Finnish Nature Day on 27 August 2017.  The event is part of the centenary celebrations of Finnish independence. The lighting installation competition is open to everyone, and is organized by Metsähallitus and Humak University of Applied Sciences as part of the Lights On! project.
“The competition has raised a lot of interest already in advance, and we hope to get as many proposals as possible. This is an excellent opportunity to combine the eventful history of Raasepori the rugged walls of the castle ruins, and the technical opportunities provided by lighting installations. Light installations are becoming increasingly popular, and we want to offer an intense and beautiful visual experience in a unique setting”, says Park Superintendent Henrik Jansson from Metsähallitus.

The competition jury includes Lighting Designer Tarja Ervasti, Senior Producer Indrek Leht from Tallinn Valgusfestival, Art Director Ilkka Paloniemi from Lux Helsinki, City of Helsinki Cultural Manager Stuba Nikula, Lighting Designer Jari Vuorinen from Lighting Design Collective, and Park Superintendent Henrik Jansson from Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland.

The general public can also vote for their favourite design proposal. The winner of the public vote will be revealed on 26 October 2016, when the results of the competition will also be announced.

The implementation budget for the winning proposal is 30,000 euros. The organisers will select an implementer through a separate bidding competition.  

The aim of the Lights On! project is to showcase Raasepori Castle ruins and seven other tourist destinations in Finland and Estonia.  The project encourages people to visit ruins, fortresses, hill forts, and parks, and aims to develop these as tourist attractions.  The project period is 2015-2018 and the focus is on improving services, visitor experience, and marketing. The Lights On! project is funded by the European Union’s Central Baltic Interreg 2014-2020 programme.

More information:

Project manager, Aino von Boehm, tel.  040 7634318, ainovonboehm@metsa.fi
Materials etc, press officer, Outi Ala-Härkönen, tel. 040 5173693, outialaharkonen@metsa.fi

Attached photos:
Raasepori by night: Kirsi MacKenzie
Raasepori from air: Metsähallitus/Henrik Jansson
Web pages: http://lightson.humak.fi/lighting-design-competition/

Project information: www.metsa.fi/cblightson
Social media:




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