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Less than a month to go – Enrolment & media accreditation reminder

Media release.
Published: 29-Jul-2016 11:21 am
Publisher: Ilmakitaransoiton MM-kisat

The climax of the Air Guitar year is approaching but there’s still time to join in! The registration for the Air Guitar World Championships' Qualifying Round and the accreditation for the media representatives is open until 10 August.

Dark Horses’ Qualifying Round on 25 August is the last chance to win the spot at the World Final. Only the best contestants will get to challenge the mighty National Champions and the defending World Champion Kereel ’Your Daddy’ Blumenkrants from Russia at the World Final stage.

Ensure your spot at the sweatiest and wackiest competition of the year by filling up the entry form: http://www.airguitarworldchampionships.com/en/entry/

Registration for members of media: http://www.airguitarworldchampionships.com/en/press/accreditation/

The 21st edition of the Air Guitar World Championships is celebrated in Oulu, Northern Finland on 24–26 August. The festival starts with warm-up day Airientation on Wednesday 24 August. Airientation takes place at the riverside of Oulu, and offers the participators chance to enjoy sightseeing tour on urban minitrain Potnapekka and visit Finnish sauna speciality, Kesän Sauna.

The festival culminates in the World Final that is battled in the main square of Oulu on Friday 26 August. The world final is hosted by Dan “Björn Türoque Crane” (US).

Air Guitar World Championships is part of Oulu August Festival network.

More info: www.airguitarworldchampionships.com

Press Photos on Media Gallery: http://www.airguitarworldchampionships.com/en/press/media-gallery/

Oulu August Festival network: http://www.oulunjuhlaviikot.fi/en/

More info:

Sirkkaliisa Huhtala
Producer / Air Guitar World Championships
siri@oulunjuhlaviikot.fi, +358504003538

The purpose of the Air Guitar World Championships is to promote world peace. According to the ideology of the Air Guitar, wars would end, climate change stop and all bad things disappear, if all the people in the world played the Air Guitar. This is why the whole universe is invited to play the Air Guitar for the world peace at the end of the competition.

For Peace, From Oulu.

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