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New Programme at the FLM College

Media release.
Published: 13-Nov-2013 02:13 pm
Publisher: Suomen Evankelisluterilainen Kansanlähetys ry

In January 2014 the Finnish Lutheran Mission (FLM) Bible college will be starting an English Biblical Studies Programme (EBSP).  The new programme will be lead by Jonathan Heeb who has been teaching at the FLM College for the past six years.  Together with other FLM staff, Jonathan shares a vision to provide for the growing need in Finland for the Bible to be taught in English.

The EBSP is open to all who have a desire to learn about the Bible in English. The language used for teaching will be English and the students will be expected to be able to read and communicate in English.  While the course itself is not a language course there will, through the learning experience, be an opportunity to grow in ones ability to communicate in English.

The main focus of the programme is to introduce the student to an overview picture of the whole Bible and its books. During the programme the students will explore the content, structure and literary styles of the Bible.  Jonathan's wish for the students is that they would grow in their faith and would be inspired by the Word of God.

The programme consists of lectures, small group work, e-learning and guided personal study. Visiting speakers will also bring added content and value to the course. The desire of those involved in teaching is to see students growing in confidence in God through the studying of the Truth of the Bible.

During the programme there will be opportunities to join with the other College students in communal activites.  It might be also possible to visit England during the spring.

To apply for the English Biblical Studies Programme visit the FLM College website www.klopisto.fi/ebsp

For more information about the content of the English Biblical Studies Programme:
jonathan.heeb@sekl.fi, phone +358 40 1759505.

Practical questions about housing, prices and student financial aid: opisto@sekl.fi, phone +358 19 7792237




The Finnish Lutheran Mission (FLM) is one of the official organisations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELCF) channelling international work. FLM was founded in 1967 as a result of a strong revival movement among young people.

Our vision

Our vision is “to be a dynamic Lutheran movement which offers Christian fellowship, and is known for its strong emphasis on Bible teaching and sharing the Good News where Christ is not yet known”.

The foundation of our work is reliance on God’s word. We aim to work in an unprejudiced way and in a spirit of cooperation.

Our work

We work both in Finland and abroad. In Finland we work through our regional organisations in order to spread the Good News and to strengthen and support the local churches. We place a special emphasis on work among young people.

FLM has its own college which offers, amongst others, the following three streams of study: biblical, theological, and, thirdly, a combined music and arts stream. In addition, the college offers training for international work.

Outside of Finland, FLMworks in some parts of Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. The work includes both ecclesiastical and humanitarian aspects. FLM is involved in several development projects in Africa and Asia.

FLM has approximately 100 personnel in Finland and 100 internationally.

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