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Suomen opiskelijakuntien liitto - SAMOK ry

Jemi Heinilä elected SAMOK chairperson 2016

Media release.
Published: 20-Nov-2015 04:02 pm
Publisher: Suomen opiskelijakuntien liitto - SAMOK ry

Jemi Heinilä, has been elected chairperson for 2016 for SAMOK. SAMOK is the national union for students at universities of applied sciences in Finland. Heinilä is from the Student Union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (METKA) and has served as chair of the student union board during 2015.

“I’m very enthusiastic about leading our UAS student movement and fighting for Finnish knowledge and education. Through diplomatic and solution-based advocacy we can create a better future for students,” says Heinilä.

Elected as vice chairperson was Sonja Raitamäki from the Student Union of Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUO).

Elected as members of the executive committee were Tommi Halkosaari (Student Union of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences VAMKO), Riina Kasurinen (Student Union of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences HELGA), Jaakko Lehtonen (Student Union of Satakunta UAS SAMMAKKO), Monna Salmi (Student Union of University of Applied Sciences LAMKO) och Gramoz Shpendi (Student Union of Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMKO).

SAMOK convenes for its 20th General Assembly in Fellmannia, Lahti. The General Assembly lasts until Saturday approximately 4 pm.


Contact details:

Joonas Peltonen, chairperson 2015, tel. +358 50 389 1000
Jemi Heinilä, chairperson 2016, tel. +358 44 383 1994
Milla Halme, Director of Advocacy, tel. +358 50 389 1018





The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK

SAMOK is a national, politically independent organisation for students at   universities of applied sciences (UAS). The organisation is led by students and works to promot students’ interests. SAMOK also offers services to our member student unions and ensures that the students’ voices are heard by the state administration and other relevant stakeholders. We also arrange for services and discounts for students. A total of approximately 59 000 students are members of the student unions that are members of SAMOK, however, SAMOK speaks for close to 140 000 UAS students all in all.

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