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Heureka, suomalainen tiedekeskus

Children’s Heureka – it’s fun for adults too!

Media release.
Published: 11-Apr-2014 01:50 pm
Publisher: Heureka, suomalainen tiedekeskus

Saturday, 12 April 2014, is the launch date for the new Children's Heureka exhibition that encourages visitors to build, move and play, and challenge one another in various ball games.This activity-based exhibition is intended to inspire both children and adults and to encourage co-operation through fun and discovery.

This year, the Finnish Science Centre Heureka is particularly focused on children and families. The new Children’s Heureka exhibition includes several of the most popular exhibits familiar from earlier exhibitions, such as the Moon Walk for children, as well as a wide range of completely new exhibits. The fun Basketball on the bench exhibit, for example, enables visitors to challenge one another in a basketball game that requires both accuracy and buttock muscles. The construction of the high vaulted arch can only succeed if the whole family works together. The exciting special effects studio takes you on wild adventures while also teaching you about trick photography. The co-operative partner for this studio exhibit is the MTV Juniori television channel.

The exhibition is divided into three themes: building, moving and playing, and ball games. The building exhibits develop cognitive skills and spatial perception. Working together to build a particular structure also requires co-operation skills. The exhibits related to moving and playing help to develop, for example, one’s sense of balance and agility. The exhibition has a lot of games, but the objective is not always to beat the opponent; rather, it is just about creating a playful atmosphere and developing your own skills. The ball game exhibits develop hand-eye coordination and reaction speed, while also activating the visitor’s sense of motion, position and touch. Many of the exhibits can also be used by those who have some type of physical disability.

In addition to Children’s Heureka, the admission ticket gains you access to Heureka’s other exhibitions: the mental health exhibition Heureka Goes Crazy, Heureka Classics, and the Wind in the Bowels and About a Coin exhibitions that are part of Heureka’s main exhibition. During the summer, visitors will also have access to Heureka’s popular outdoor exhibition area, Science Park Galilei.

Children’s Heureka    12 April 2014–24 January 2016.

Further information:
Jaakko Pöyhönen, Project Manager,  tel. +358 (0)40 9015 218, jaakko.poyhonen@heureka.fi
Mikko Myllykoski, Experience Director, tel. +358 (0)40 9015 244, mikko.myllykoski@heureka.fi.

Photos of the exhibition are available from Heureka’s image bank: http://kuvapankki.info/heureka/info.php

Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, is among Finland’s most popular leisure time destinations. Heureka opened to the public on April 28, 1989 and attracts nowadays on the average 300 000 visitors a year. It is a lively hands-on exhibition and activity centre for all ages. Heureka has three exhibition halls for interactive exhibits and a modern digital planetarium. Everything works in three languages: English, Finnish and Swedish, partly also in Russian and Estonian. Heureka is located  in the Helsinki metropolitan area, in city of  Vantaa, Tikkurila, and it is open around the year. More information: www.heureka.fi

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