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Adult education must address the challenges of working life

Julkaistu: 11.12.2014 klo 12:30
Julkaisija: Editor Helsinki Oy / Editori.fi

Tampere Adult Education Centre is an agile partner for all kinds of companies and organisations, with focus on what’s current and on companies’ radars.

Tampere Adult Education Centre, TAKK, is one of the biggest adult education centres in Finland, with some 16,000 students each year. “Our role is to be a ‘work glove’ for companies and organisations because adult education must be able to meet the challenges of working life. We have to be current and know what’s on the radars of companies, given that future visions cannot be leaps ahead of what is needed in working life – otherwise supply and demand wouldn’t match,” says Teppo Tapani, Principal of TAKK.

Answers to a transforming working life

Making careers longer has been a crucial topic for several years now, and also in this regard TAKK has a clear role. “Working life is in transition. This can mean that job contents or needs change radically within an industry meaning that expertise needs to be brought up-to-date. A person’s job performance might deteriorate over the years calling for a change of tasks or job, again requiring retraining or education. Our services are very much about extending careers. Expertise updates at workplaces are primarily done via training, but we partner with employers also in a consultative role.”

Agile partner

Key to TAKK’s operations are customer focus and agility.

We tailor programmes to customer needs all the way from short courses lasting a couple of days through to degrees taking years to complete. We cooperate closely with the corporate world and our active planning teams listen carefully to the needs of companies, schools and organisations. At its best, being a ‘work glove’ means that we generate the kind of knowledge capital our customers need to ensure their individual success stories continue.” Text: Mia Heiskanen

Additional information: http://bit.ly/1ueuNpt
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