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Numeron Oy

Workforce optimization takes Numeron to the forefront of technology companies

Julkaistu: 01.12.2015 klo 08:00
Julkaisija: Numeron Oy

The Deloitte Finland Technology Fast 50 program lists the fastest growing technology companies in Finland each year. The companies are listed based on their revenue growth over the last four years. Being on the list for the third year in a row, Numeron is ranked 17th after improving its placement year after year. Numeron's revenue for the year 2014 was 3.4 million euros and it's grown 211 % over the last four years.


The Tampere based software and specialist company offers solutions for workforce management in large personnel intensive organizations. The main product of the company is Numeron WFM (Workforce Mangement) system which is used mainly for demanding shift scheduling.

"Staff costs have grown and competition has gotten fiercer than ever. This has forced the decision makers to pay more attention to work efficiency. It is a rule of thumb, that by careful planning organizations can achieve savings of up to 10 %", explains CEO Seppo Varpukari from Numeron.

Established in 2011, Numeron now employs 50 people in Tampere and Helsinki. At the moment, the company is planning on going international, starting from Scandinavia, so to the success story will most likely be continued.


More information:
Seppo Varpukari
Numeron Oy
Tel. 050 556 1546


Numeron Oy is Finland's leading software company specializing in workforce management and optimization. Numeron's main product, Numeron WFM is a solution for demanding workforce management in personnel intensive organizations. Numeron employs 50 workforce management specialists in Tampere and Helsinki. www.numeron.com

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