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JAMK—an international partner for developing schools and training teachers

Julkaistu: 10.12.2014 klo 07:45
Julkaisija: Editor Helsinki Oy / Editori.fi

JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä exports education to over 20 countries. Awarded last year as the most international institute of higher education in EU, JAMK is an experienced partner in training the teaching personnel and developing schools.

“Development programs improve the teachers’ pedagogical and professional skills and create new learning environments in the web and the work places. They also improve the cooperation of education and businesses as well as develop the schools,” says JAMK’s Vice President Heikki Malinen.

International and well-networked JAMK is an experienced partner in improving international higher education institutes and vocational schools. The strengths of the Finnish education and innovation system create the foundation for JAMK’s operations and their success.

Long-lasting partnerships with schools and businesses

JAMK offers its international clients a selection of education and consulting services and pedagogical solutions.

“Finland has much to give, especially in teachers’ competence building and developing business cooperation,” says Timo Juntunen, JAMK’s Director of Global Education Services. “Our strong suit is the training of vocational teachers, all the way to the level of higher education and the teaching in the field of health care, especially the nursing studies.”

JAMK offers, together with its cooperation network, a partnership to the higher education institutes and authorities abroad, based in the strengths of the Finnish system, in particular, in the fields of health care and wellness, engineering, business management and vocational teaching studies.

We have many references for developing health care and wellness schools and education systems in China and Kazakhstan,” says Vice President Malinen.

A good example of these is the redevelopment of the nursing studies in Kazakhstan together with the local Ministry for Education. JAMK was a partner in developing the local nursing studies into a higher education degree.

“There’s a wish to bring education as close as possible to the European framework. We were there to develop the study program, supporting its introduction and offering additional studies in the field of health care,” Head of Education Export Juntunen describes.

One strength of the Finnish vocational schools and universities of applied sciences is the evaluation culture which embraces development. JAMK has developed an evaluation system together with Egypt’s Ministry of Education, and finds projects for developing educational systems equally appealing.

“We want to take part in developing study programs and be partners in authorities’ strategic development projects together with our cooperation network. Furthermore, we are interested in establishing ourselves abroad,” Juntunen continues.

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