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Finnish Customs seizes a record 54 kg of amphetamine

Media release.
Published: 05-Feb-2014 12:00 pm
Publisher: Tulli

Finnish Customs seized 54 kg of amphetamine at Vuosaari Harbour in late January. It is the largest individual consignment of amphetamine ever seized in Finland.

Customs authorities carried out controls of passengers arriving from Germany when they noticed a vehicle with two Bulgarian women inside. The vehicle was taken in for an X-ray scan, which revealed a cache in the vehicle structures. The cache contained 54 kg of amphetamine.

If the amphetamine consignment had ended up on the street market in Finland, it would have been enough for hundreds of thousands doses. The street value of the consignment is estimated at more than one million euros.

The preliminary investigation of the case is ongoing, and the case will be assigned to the prosecutor in April 2014. The two women were detained by Helsinki District Court in January under probable cause. International cooperation between Finnish Customs and authorities in other countries involved in the matter is underway for the investigation of the offence.

With large smuggling consignments of this type, Customs is required to have knowledge of foreign trade, international traffic and related operators in order to expose criminal activity. Customs uncovered the drugs by carrying out advance profiling, by questioning persons and by using vehicle X-ray technology.

Further information: Head of Investigation Hannu Sinkkonen, tel. +358 (0)40 332 4389


Finnish Customs is a part of the customs system of the European Union. Customs is a state agency supervised by the Ministry of Finance through management by results. Finnish Customs cooperates with the trade community as well as with domestic and foreign authorities. Finnish Customs has approximately 2 300 employees.

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