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Declaration of vehicle use to be submitted electronically

Media release.
Published: 06-May-2014 09:00 am
Publisher: Tulli

Customs is expanding its services by introducing an electronic system for the declaration of use of vehicles (AKI).The system enables a computerised declaration procedure for vehicles permanently brought into Finland, which facilitates the declaration process upon arrival in Finland.

When a vehicle which is to be registered in Finland is brought into Finland, a declaration of use must be submitted to Customs before the vehicle is used. In such cases, a declaration submitted via the electronic system replaces the paper-based declaration procedure, which requires the declarant to visit Customs.

Customs’ aim is to develop its e-services so that they better meet the users’ needs. The electronic system for the declaration of use of vehicles is a browser-based system that can be used with most mobile devices regardless of the time of day. The introduction of the system makes it easier to start using a vehicle brought from abroad, and it does not require the declarant to visit Customs, except in cases where a transfer permit or motor liability insurance is needed for the vehicle. For the time being, the declaration of use is submitted on paper in those cases of tax-free use where the vehicle is not to be registered in Finland.

The electronic system automatically sends a confirmation message to the e-mail account of the declarant. The confirmation should be carried in the car as a printout or on a mobile device. The user of the vehicle must be able to present the declaration of use confirmed by Customs in easily readable form if requested to do so by an authority supervising road traffic.

No changes to legislation

Once a declaration of use has been submitted for a vehicle intended for registration in Finland, a car tax declaration must be submitted within five days of the confirmation of the declaration of use. Use of the vehicle in traffic requires a valid registration in the EEA or transfer marks and mandatory motor liability insurance. The vehicle must also meet the requirements of vehicle roadworthiness. The user of the vehicle is responsible for compliance with requirements.

Finnish Customs is a part of the customs system of the European Union. Customs is a state agency supervised by the Ministry of Finance through management by results. Finnish Customs cooperates with the trade community as well as with domestic and foreign authorities. Finnish Customs has approximately 2 300 employees.

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