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Fennovoima Oy

Fennovoima has selected a consulting partner

Media release.
Published: 16-Sep-2014 04:00 pm
Publisher: Fennovoima Oy

Fennovoima has selected a consortium formed of ÅF-Consult Oy and M+W Group as the consulting partner based on a competitive bidding. The consulting contract was signed today.

The contract covers services related to project management, nuclear safety, licensing and auditing of the subcontracting chains. Some of the consultants will be working full-time at Fennovoima's head office in Helsinki.


For more information:
Fennovoima's Project Director Minna Forsström tel. +358 20 9230

Fennovoima is constructing new nuclear power in order to produce reasonably priced electricity for the Finnish trade and industries and for Finnish households, help Finland to move toward energy self-sufficiency and increase competition in electricity markets.

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