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Tampereen Messut

Network 2015: Major changes and investments in the industry

Media release.
Published: 06-Nov-2014 03:40 pm
Publisher: Tampereen Messut


The Trade Fair for Electricity and Information Networks, which will be held in Tampere from 28 to 29 January 2015, has become widely regarded. The Network 2015 trade fair will be bigger than ever. The new Electricity Market Act and the quick development of the network business have brought about numerous reforms and investments and thus there is a great demand for a specialized event. The Network event has become one of Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd's fastest growing trade fairs.

“Network builders and other electricity, telecommunications and information network professionals have started to prepare for the Network 2015 trade fair. The event stands have been selling faster than ever and we have already sold more exhibition space than we did for the previous fair. So far 109 companies have confirmed their participation, while in 2013 the total number of companies was 138. There will be almost 40 new companies in comparison to the last event. In addition to Finland, there will be companies from Italy, Sweden, Germany and Denmark,” says Project Manager Raimo Pylvänäinen of Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd.

“The network business is developing at a quick pace and going through major changes, so the companies need an opportunity to explore new solutions and acquire topical information to support their activities. Major investments will be made within the industry over the coming years, so even companies that are not yet operating in this industry should visit the event and find out about the new business opportunities. The Network event is one of our fastest growing trade fairs and thus we want to put more effort into developing the event. This event is also not affected by the global economy as many other trade fairs have been. The Network trade fair will also be held in Tampere in 2017,” says Product Group Manager for Trade Fairs Jani Maja of Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd.

Kenneth Hänninen, Finnish Energy Industries: The new Electricity Market Act requires major investments  

The new Electricity Market Act will impose several new duties and obligations on electricity network companies. According to Finnish Energy Industries, the objectives regarding the security of supply are the single most significant aspect. All in all, the reforms will bring about major investments and changes in the industry.    

“The objectives can only be achieved through major investments in the electricity network. Based on our survey, four billion euros will be invested in Finland's distribution networks over the next five years, which means that the annual investments in the networks will be about 800 million euros. The emphasis will be on replacing overhead networks with underground networks. Overhead networks will be part of our landscape for decades and new ones will be built in places where there is no risk of storms. The law amendment applies to all electricity network companies and of course network builders as well. The amendment will also have significant impact on the employment situation in the industry. However, the focus will shift from traditional network building to excavation. The worst-case scenario is that the boom leads to price increases in terms of both materials and labor, but we do believe that the market will keep the changes moderate. The goal is to make sure all of the statutory reforms are implemented by the end of 2028,” says Director Kenneth Hänninen of Finnish Energy Industries.

In addition to the new Electricity Market Act, the Network 2015 trade fair will also address other relevant topics and reforms.                 

“Besides the Electricity Market Act, the most significant change will concern the network companies role as an electricity market party. The energy efficiency legislation that is being prepared will impose new network duties on companies in relation to energy efficiency, demand side management and small-scale generation. Small-scale generation connected to the distribution network can be expected to increase. Public discussion regarding solar power was active during the sunny summer months and there are already good technical capabilities to connect it to the network. Market access has also been secured for small-scale production. The Network 2015 trade fair has become very popular, as expected, because the industry is going through major changes and the future seems bright. It's good that network business professionals will have a chance to get together in Tampere and discuss the future changes and opportunities and explore new solutions,” says Kenneth Hänninen.

Reijo Svento, FiCom: Companies should invest in telecommunications and information networks

“The Network trade fair in Tampere has become the main event for electricity and information network professionals, particularly in terms of network design and building. The event allows them to see and hear about the latest developments and the main players' products and services. This is a strong period of development for both electricity and telecommunications networks. Electricity networks are being placed underground and in telecommunications fiber-optic and 4G networks are being built at an accelerating pace. Joint construction will also be an important topic. The public sector and companies are converting their services into an electronic format at an accelerating pace, which requires the networks to work reliably and effectively. In the information network industry, the volume of data transmitted is growing strongly in terms of both wired and wireless networks. The volumes may even double every year. This requires companies to make substantial investments in networks, build fast broadband networks, utilize customer experiences and engage in continuous development,” says Managing Director Reijo Svento of FiCom.

Markku Rantio, Ensto: New solutions, network automation, small-scale production and electric cars as topics

The Network 2015 trade fair will have larger stands than previously allowed. One of the companies that booked a larger stand is Ensto.

“The Network trade fair in Tampere is a good and useful event for us as it allows us to meet a large number of customers and other companies. We get feedback about our products, new product ideas and important information on the outlook for the industry. We have developed new cost-effective solutions for our customers and this event will be a great place to introduce them. We are hoping to meet many electricity network technicians because they usually give us the best feedback about our products. The new Electricity Market Act will force network companies to invest in distribution networks, so at the moment the outlook for the industry and our company seems fairly good. The act requires that power outages should not last over six hours in built-up areas and over 36 hours in rural areas. This means that many network companies have to make remarkable investments over the next 15 years. The hottest topics at the event will include new cost-effective building solutions and products for distribution networks, network automation and smart electricity networks, connecting small-scale production to the general distribution network as well as electric cars as the increasing number thereof will also challenge the distribution networks, for example due to the high power requirements of quick charge stations,” says Ensto's Sales Director Markku Rantio.

Topical themes addressed at seminars and information sessions

Network 2015 will be the main trade fair for the electricity transmission and distribution network industry and the telecommunications network industry. The main themes will include the new Electricity Market Act and the related changes, small-scale producers as part of the electricity and energy network, preparation for storm damage, fiber-optic and data transmission networks and charging networks for electric cars. These and other topical themes will be discussed at the seminars and information sessions. The event will also feature demos, for example with regard to the building of networks.

Finnish Energy Industries will hold a seminar entitled Miljardi-investoinnit sähköverkkoon (Billion euro investments in electricity networks) on the first day. The seminar topics include investment plans and the implementation thereof, acquisition of licenses, service providers' expectations of authorities, network builders' visions, views on broadband and well-being through electricity. Network Days will also be held in connection with the trade fair. The up-to-date trade fair program will be available at www.verkostomessut.fi.

The Network trade fair showcases products and services related to electricity, telecommunications and information networks, electric car infrastructure, road and street lighting as well as traffic information systems. Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd organizes the Network trade fair in cooperation with Finnish Energy Industries, Adato Energia Oy, FiCom and Teleprikaati Oy. The previous Network event was held in 2013 with 138 exhibitors and 4635 visitors. The Network trade fair aimed at network business professionals has been held in Tampere since 1992.

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