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Efficient Computer Usage without Hands

Media release.
Published: 23-Feb-2016 09:00 am
Publisher: Quha

"I would have never thought that this is possible!”

 Veli Tarvainen, who was paralyzed in a traffic accident, recommends the Zono mouse for several reasons. The unique Quha technology allows, among other things, precise and ergonomic control for computers, smartphones and Smart TVs.

 – Over the years I have experimented with a wide variety of solutions, such as ball and head mice, voice guidance and sensor switches attached to my eyeglasses. Moving the cursor felt always tiresome, inaccurate and painful in the long run. The Quha Zono gyroscopic air mouse is on a completely different level, it is ten times better than a head mouse. I would have never thought that this is possible, says Veli, proving his words by showing some of his latest work.

 – I am a professional graphic designer and I design interior colour plans. My creativity has passed down from my father's side. When I was a small boy, I was walking with him in a forest and watched how he prepared designs using raw materials, such as wood and burl. My car accident changed everything. But thanks to the Zono mouse, I am able to do precise work with my design software again!

 Usability Counts

 – The Zono mouse was easy to set up and it has a wide range of control options. The cursor doesn’t sway and it accurately follows the movement of my head, Veli adds.

 He also got to test the Sento contactless puff switch. This device enables clicking with a light puff, just as with a real mouse.

 – Sento allows me to keep my hands warm under a blanket when I work and browse my Smart TV screen. My job includes image processing and writing requiring a lot of cursor movement. The Zono is so ergonomic that I don’t even notice it. My neck and shoulders don’t become sore even after browsing magazines. For this reason I have also reduced the use of muscle relaxants and I can work longer. Since the control doesn’t depend on the distance, I can place the screen at a proper position. For example, now I can control my Smart TV laying on the bed, smiles Veli.

 Next he will be doing 3D and logo designs. Moving on!


What Zono?

  • Zono is a wireless air mouse to control computers, tablets and smartphones. Its operation is based on detecting the rotation of the mouse with a gyroscopic sensor.
  • Zono can be used in any position and with any moving part of the body.
  • Moving the cursor is done by rotational movement of the mouse. The movement is intuitive and learned in a few seconds.
  • Zono is attached to the body with the supplied clip.
  • Zono doesn’t need a separate driver or software on your computer.
  • Optional Sento contactless puff switch reacts to light puff as a mouse click.


Quha Oy is a Finnish high quality electronics R&D and manufacturing company. It was founded in 2012 to produce electronic computer access devices for people with special needs. Quha's products are being sold in over 30 countries. Read more: www.quha.com

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